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S02E03 Inside Marketing Design at Stripe (with Tatiana Van Campenhout)

Episode Summary

Learn how the Web Platform & Presence team at Stripe create "surprisingly great" web designs, from Staff Designer Tatiana van Campenhout.

Episode Notes

Stripe's website designs are so well-renowned in the design industry that whenever a new version launches, heavily-influenced sites start to pop up around the web. In this episode I speak to Tatiana about how it feels to have your work so publicly praised, copied and critiqued and we get the details on the process the Stripe team went through to bring the 2020 site redesign to life.

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0:00 - Today's episode! 
3:00 - Design team structure & collaboration 
6:00 - Responsibilities of different design teams 
8:30 - The Stripe brand 
11:20 - Kicking off the 2020 site redesign 
17:20 - Stress-testing the system 
19:30 - Project timeline 
24:30 - The site build process at Stripe 
26:50 - After a site launch 
29:30 - Design & project management tools 
30:45 - Collaboration with marketing 
33:40 - User research and testing 
37:00 - Design trends & inspiration
43:00 - Project planning 
45:20 - What's next for design at Stripe 
49:10 - My takeaways 


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