Inside Marketing Design

S01E08 - Inside Marketing Design at WEconnect (with Marina Snyder)

Episode Summary

Hear about the many different hats Marina Snyder wears at digital health management company WEconnect and how she handles marketing to two separate main audiences.

Episode Notes

Working at a small company often means wearing a lot of different hats, and for a time at WEconnect (a digital health management company) Marina Snyder was not only a marketing design team of one, but a whole marketing team of one! In this episode we discuss career growth as an in-house marketing designer, usability testing of marketing materials and how Marina handles marketing to WEconnect’s two main audiences.

If you’re struggling with substance use disorder or mental health, visit And to find our more about Marina head to

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0:00 - Introduction

2:10 - The WEconnect team structure

7:20 - Marketing design focusses

9:00 - Dealing with two different target audiences

11:45 - Metrics of success

14:30 - How a project starts

16:20 - Design process & tools

20:00 - Challenges

21:30 - Usability testing for marketing materials

27:00 - Career growth

30:10 - Why in-house marketing design?

32:25 - wrap up