Inside Marketing Design

S01E07 - Inside Marketing Design at Doist (with Anaïs Mares 
& Stephen Barkan)

Episode Summary

Learn about the systems in place at remote-first productivity app company Doist that make designing the marketing for their two apps, Todoist & Twist, efficient and fun.

Episode Notes

Doist’s marketing design team-of-two both join me for this episode to discuss the many systems in place that help them get their work done as they market the two productivity apps that the company makes: Todoist (a to do list app) and Twist (a team communication tool. Learn how they foster an environment of creativity and collaboration despite being remote, and how the respect for design in the company leads to a lot of freedom and transparency for the designers.

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0:00 - Introduction

2:15 - Design team structure at Doist

5:20 - Introducing the “Do system” for projects

7:00 - In-house vs agency

12:00 - Marketing design responsibilities

16:10 - How the Do system works

18:10 - Design tools & process

21:30 - Feedback & trust

25:00 - Measuring the success of a project

27:50 - Performance reviews

29:20 - Challenges

32:20 - Being the designer “on call”

35:20 - Getting hands on in the code

37:00 - Favorite parts of the job

40:20 - Wrap up