Inside Marketing Design

S01E06 - Inside Marketing Design at Panasonic Lumix (with Steph Moccia)

Episode Summary

Hear how Steph Moccia thrives within constraints as the only in-house marketing designer on the Lumix team at Panasonic North America.

Episode Notes

You might be surprised to learn how small the Lumix marketing team is at Panasonic North America! In this episode Steph Moccia tells us what it’s like to work on the design & creative strategy at such a large global brand. You’ll hear about how the North America team works with the head office in Japan, where the marketing team focusses their efforts, and Steph’s goals for the brands reputation and image.

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0:00 - Introduction

1:30 - Team structure

6:40 - Marketing team focus

8:50 - Social media efforts

10:00 - Design tools & workflow

10:45 - Working with head office in Japan

14:30 - Role responsibilities

17:50 - Projects at Lumix

21:15 - Brand refinements

23:20 - Determining the success of a project

26:05 - Challenges & areas for growth

28:50 - Favorite parts of the job

30:00 - Wrap up