Inside Marketing Design

S01E05 - Inside Marketing Design at Surrey satellite Technology (with Emily Kelly)

Episode Summary

Ever wondered about the role of a marketing designer at a space company? Hear from Emily Kelly about her work at a company that designs, builds & launches satellites.

Episode Notes

At Surrey Satellite Technology, Emily Kelly’s work is hugely varied: from internal posters, to event stand designs, to stickers that end up on rockets floating in low orbit! In this episode I chat with Emily about how she gets work done at a space company with such an extensive history and (spoiler alert) learn that things aren’t as different or as strict as I thought they would be.

Check out Emily's work at and read more from Emily about what it's like to work in the space industry here

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0:00 - Intro to Emily & Surrey Satellite Technology

2:10 - Marketing team structure & output

7:00 - Dealing with in-depth subject matter

10:00 - Project briefs & final sign off

13:50 - Website design & content

17:25 - A regular day for Emily

21:45 - Goals & measuring performance

25:15 - Main challenges

29:30 - Design tools

30:10 - Favorite parts of the job