Inside Marketing Design

S01E04 - Inside Marketing Design at Proof (with Brent Palmer)

Episode Summary

Hear how Proof’s Head of Design, Brent Palmer, handles being in charge of both the marketing and product design work for the website personalization tool.

Episode Notes

In the early stages of a startup a designer often has to wear multiple hats and be leading the direction for the brand as well as the design and UX of the product. In this episode you’ll learn about how Brent Palmer manages this by equipping the team at Proof with assets, templates and guides to self-service when possible. You’ll also learn a lot about testing and experimentation, something that many companies only tackle when they get a lot bigger (but can benefit a company at any stage).

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0:00 - Introduction

1:20 - Team structure

5:25 - Responsibilities & metrics

9:00 - Creating templates & guides

12:30 - Design tools

14:00 - The future of the design. Team at Proof

15:45 - Marketing focusses

18:50 - How a project works

27:10 - Interesting experiment results

31:25 - Challenges & areas for growth

35:20 - What Brent loves about his job

36:00 - Wrap up