Inside Marketing Design

S01E03 - Inside Marketing Design at Contentful (with Grace Tai)

Episode Summary

Learn how the brand design team at content management platform company Contentful stays super organised

Episode Notes

Grace Tai manages the brand design team at Contentful and after hearing about her processes and approach to management I think she might just be one of the most organised people I’ve ever met! Learn about how the team worked to elevate the brand to a higher calibre, and about the “Vulcan mind meld” approach Grace takes to making sure her team is aligned and empowered to make design decisions.

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0:00 - Intro

1:10 - Brand design team structure

5:00 - What the brand design team works on

6:20 - Being promoted to management

11:20 - Working on a project at Contentful

15:45 - Dividing the design work

17:40 - Project management

20:50 - Measuring success

22:05 - Web design at Contentful

25:00 - Goals & challenges

27:50 - The impact of brand design in the company

31:00 - Wrap up