Inside Marketing Design

S01E02 - Inside Marketing Design at Webflow (with Johnnie Gómez)

Episode Summary

Insights into the work of the brand studio team at no-code visual web development tool, Webflow.

Episode Notes

In this episode I speak with Johnnie Gómez, Senior Brand Designer at Webflow, about how the brand studio team creates the marketing design for their no-code visual web development tool. In this incredibly honest interview you’ll learn about the team structure, the challenges they face and how the designers on the team have full ownership of their work. Johnnie also shares great advice for managing projects and implementing solid processes, as well as his thoughts on designers writing copy.

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0:00 - Introduction & Webflow overview

1:45 - Webflow team structure

5:15 - Webflow’s approach to marketing

9:05 - Project management

14:50 - Design tools & process

19:45 - Content & writing copy

23:55 - Measuring the success of a project

27:15 - Running A/B tests

29:45 - Performance reviews & areas of growth

34:20 - Challenges for the brand studio team

37:20 - Having full ownership of the work

40:00 - Wrap up