Inside Marketing Design

S01E10 - Inside Marketing Design at Moneybox (with Mayumi Hashimoto)

Episode Summary

Find out about the marketing processes savings & investment app Moneybox uses to drive new users through animated ads.

Episode Notes

For UK-based savings & investment app Moneybox high-performing ads are key. Senior graphic designer Mayumi Hashimoto joins us in this episode to talk about the approach the team takes to create and test performance marketing ads. You’ll also hear about their recent rebrand, and how they lean on outsourced help when necessary.

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0:00 - Intro

1:55 - Marketing and design team structure

4:15 - Marketing focusses at Moneybox

6:00 - Working with an agency and freelancers

9:00 - Tools of the trade

10:05 - Working with a motion designer to create ads

12:40 - An example of a recent project at Moneybox

16:20 - Measuring success

22:40 - Autonomy and the idea backlog

23:30 - Working on reactive short-term projects

24:40 - Main challenges

27:35 - What Mayumi loves about her job & next steps

30:45 - Wrapping up